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I can hardly hold it

Man oh man I'm so happy!!

I've used FromJapan for the first time to go after a plush that has been eluding me from quite a while aaaaand...

I won it for the start price!! 950yens for a sweet Kawaii UFO Venusaur hell yeah!!!

Of course, by the time Payment 2 rolls in, that price will escalate quite a bit (bless the calculator for readying myself for that) but still much cheaper than I'd have ever anticipated!
If the calculator calculated accordingly, the total for the plush (payment 1 and 2) will be 26€... so if I consider it as something bought from eBay and how much shipping for a single plush with tracking costs, the plush itself can be considered to have costed 16€ (10 for shipping lol).

I'm extasic ;w; now all I'm missing is the Kawaii UFO Charizard, but it'll have to wait since I don't have many funds atm and I have to pay next week for my French classes (RIP 79euros) and my phone bill (RIP another 20euros). Thankfully I don't have to pay those 79euros anymore 8'D
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