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Hello everyone!

I'd have liked to draw more for comm members (especially not skip two weeks >_>; ), but I've been busy with a few commissions from comm members as well as working (in a quite rushed fashion) on an OCT entry.

You might be wondering, what's an OCT? Well, OCT stands for "Original Character Tournament" and it's a competition in which your character (if you get past the auditions) gets pitted against someone else's character, and you have to draw how your character beats their opponent.

They are quite fun and "fast paced" (you have around 4weeks to complete your entry, older OCTs such as one called "Endzone" which was hosted by Endling had 2weeks long round... that's nuts), and helps you polish your comic making skills (in my case, they got really rusty after about 2 years without drawing a complete comic).

Next week the second round will begin. We still don't have the results of this past round but, since my opponent forfeited upon seeing my entry, I'll know I'll be moving on in the competition c:

Now to end this entry... a couple comm drawings I did (one of which got already revealed, since it's a sales post banner).
Pkmn Collectors - kayeechu's sales post big
Kayeechu's new banner c:

Pkmn Collectors - riolu - riona
Riolu's Riona c:
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