fluna_daiyunel (fluna_daiyunel) wrote,

Sculpture WIP!

As I said on my intro post, I like to craft things.

This time I'm showing you WIP shots of a figure I'm doing, I'm sure you'll know what it is quite fast c:

What could this be?...
A Sylveon of course!

I wanted to take a shot of the mouth (it's really cool and I'm really proud of it ;w; ), but instead I got the derpiest shot ever XD;

The photos don't make it justice... I blame it on being late and having no natural light source :I (also snapping the photos with my phone).

Now... why a Sylveon? Well, I blame it on all those collectors showing off their Sylveon stuff and me thinking "it can't be that hard to sculpt a Sylveon"... well, let me tell you I was wrong, especially with the frigging ribbons!! Dx

I still have to sculpt the ribbons' tails and make a base for this guy... everything made of sculpey! I can't wait to bake him (it's going to be quite a challenge XD; ) and work towards the finishing touches (and of course paint).
Tags: pokemon, sculpture, sylveon, wip
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