"Will of Wind" - Sales Post (Closed, needs to be updated, feel free to ask though)

PKMNC - Will of Wind Sales

Welcome to Will of Wind!

Please check the rules below and of course... the items!

minisprite - pachirisuSeller's info
- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on the 19th September 2014.
- My feedback can be found here
- I ship from Spain and I ship internationally.
- I have a chinchilla, the fur doesn't get into my room.

minisprite - drifloonRules
- All PKMNCollectors rules apply.
- I will only sell to PKMNCollectors members who are not banned.
- Prices are in USD (fees and shipping not included unless stated otherwise).
- Don't edit your comments, if you need to add something, please, reply to your own comment.
- Please state whether you're asking for a quote (non binding) or if you're committing (binding) to an item. Committed gets priority over quotes!
- Ask if you want to negotiate a price, maybe you get lucky!
- Payment must be sent within 24 hours after being given the total (48 hours if you tell me you need to go to the bank) or negative feedback will be left.
- Paypal only, please send payments as "goods" and type your username and what you bought in the memo.
- Currently not open for trades, sorry :c (I need to revisit my wants list).

minisprite - emolgaShipping
- I ship as fast as I can, usually 1-2 days after the payment is made.
- Regular (cheaper, insecure, no tracking) and registered (more expensive, secure, has tracking) mail available, choose under your responsibility.
- I am not responsible for items lost in the mail if you didn't pay for tracking.
- Please leave feedback after your items arrive, I'll do the same right after the payment! c:

Come in and check the goods!

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2019 SSS Wishlist

Hello dear gifter!

To make it easy for you I've compiled this wishlist, feel free to get creative though! c:

Small items:

  • Pokékids:  I'm trying to collect all Dark and Ghost type Pokémon as Pokékids, I  haven't been able  to progress on the list for the past couple years, so  maybe you can help me with this. On this list  you'll see the ones I own and which ones I'm missing (I haven't had  time to add Dark and Ghost Alolan mons, I have none of those!), keep in  mind there are some Pokémon on the list that don't have a Kid figure  (what a shame u.u).

  • Team Skull pin: sadly this was never  made available in Spain so I couldn't get one (two actually, one for my  collection and the other to wear). The one on the photo is from the  Japanese Pokemon Center promotion, in the US they sold the pin as part  of a TCG pack (this one is the easy and cheap one to find, and the one  I'd like if possible).

  • Team Magma OLD coin:  this one is a little tricky since it's quite similar to the one that  came out with ORAS. The old coin (up) has less black than the new coin (down) and has a nice orange-ish colour.

  • Primal Groudon pin: my Team Magma collection is missing it u.u the Team Aqua counterpart already has Primal Kyogre.

Medium items:

  • Pokemon Kuttari plushes:  when they came out I said "I'm not going to collect them" and that was a  huge mistake on my part |D; if possible I'd like the following SLEEPING  mons from the Japanese release (they have such adorable tags ;w; ). Beware of eBay, there are lots of counterfeits:

- Lucario (it's a huge want!)
- Emolga
- Pachirisu
- Mincinno

  • Azelf Banpresto plush: since we're on the Sinnoh topic, Azelf is the only of the three I'm missing! I don't mind if it's loved.

  • Lycanroc Dawn Pokedoll: pretty self explanatory, it's the last Alolan PD I need, preferably with hang tag (Japanese or American are fine (at last American ones got cute tags))!

  • Gogoat Pokedoll: it's one of those Pokedolls that are adorable and hilarious that for some reason or another I didn't get when it came out x.x

  • Clauncher Pokedoll: another one I find oddly cute that I didn't get when it came out |D;

  • Ducklett Pokedoll: really cute and can be found for dirt cheap!

  • Glameow Pokedoll: it's so cute and I love the curled tail ;w; I regret not getting it when it was released back then!

  • Gyarados Banpresto plush: when it came out I prioritized on Milotic and now I'd love to get Gyarados to hang with my Milotic.

Resultado de imagen de gyarados banpresto

  • Tyranitar Banpresto: the closest we'll ever get to a Pokedolled Ttar, so cute and angry

Resultado de imagen de tyranitar banpresto

  • Aipom Pokedoll: such a goofy PD that'd I'd love to have so I have the line complete (I have a cute Ambipom already)

  • Poliwhirl Pokedoll (newest release): this year a new Poliwhirl Pokédoll was released and it's so cuuuute, much cuter than the original iteration

  • Zoroark Pokedoll (TTO): self explanatory, I've been postponing it for a good while.

  • Tympole Pokedoll (TTO)

  • Munna Pokedoll (TTO)

  • Amaura Pokedoll (TTO)

  • Woobat Pokedoll (TTO)

  • Munchlax and Snorlax Pokedolls (TTO)

  • Croagunk Pokedoll: whenever I checked for Pokedolls on Noppin this was one of those I wanted only because of the name translation (Gregor XD), the doll is really cute tho

Resultado de imagen de croagunk pokedoll

  • Old style Eeveelution Pokedolls (Sylveon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Jolteon) TTO: I'd love to complete the eeveelutions set and these are the ones I'm missing! If you could work your magic and get the velboa dolls for Vap, Esp, and Jol it'd be fantastic! (If it's easier to find them in minky I won't be someone to turn'em away)

  • Lucario and the Mystery of Mew DVD (Region 1): it's my favourite Pokémon movie (it got dubbed in Spain but they never released the DVD OTL), but I like the English dub so it'd be nice to have <3

Thanks a lot! 8D
Waiting in the mail:

  • Dragonite Pokedoll (TTO)

  • Duskull Pokedoll (TTO)

  • Spiritomb Pokedoll (TTO)

  • Virizion (no tag)

  • Cobalion (TTO)

  • Terrakion (tagged)

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I can hardly hold it

Man oh man I'm so happy!!

I've used FromJapan for the first time to go after a plush that has been eluding me from quite a while aaaaand...

I won it for the start price!! 950yens for a sweet Kawaii UFO Venusaur hell yeah!!!

Of course, by the time Payment 2 rolls in, that price will escalate quite a bit (bless the calculator for readying myself for that) but still much cheaper than I'd have ever anticipated!
If the calculator calculated accordingly, the total for the plush (payment 1 and 2) will be 26€... so if I consider it as something bought from eBay and how much shipping for a single plush with tracking costs, the plush itself can be considered to have costed 16€ (10 for shipping lol).

I'm extasic ;w; now all I'm missing is the Kawaii UFO Charizard, but it'll have to wait since I don't have many funds atm and I have to pay next week for my French classes (RIP 79euros) and my phone bill (RIP another 20euros). Thankfully I don't have to pay those 79euros anymore 8'D

(no subject)

Hello everyone!

I'd have liked to draw more for comm members (especially not skip two weeks >_>; ), but I've been busy with a few commissions from comm members as well as working (in a quite rushed fashion) on an OCT entry.

You might be wondering, what's an OCT? Well, OCT stands for "Original Character Tournament" and it's a competition in which your character (if you get past the auditions) gets pitted against someone else's character, and you have to draw how your character beats their opponent.

They are quite fun and "fast paced" (you have around 4weeks to complete your entry, older OCTs such as one called "Endzone" which was hosted by Endling had 2weeks long round... that's nuts), and helps you polish your comic making skills (in my case, they got really rusty after about 2 years without drawing a complete comic).

Next week the second round will begin. We still don't have the results of this past round but, since my opponent forfeited upon seeing my entry, I'll know I'll be moving on in the competition c:

Now to end this entry... a couple comm drawings I did (one of which got already revealed, since it's a sales post banner).
Pkmn Collectors - kayeechu's sales post big
Kayeechu's new banner c:

Pkmn Collectors - riolu - riona
Riolu's Riona c:

Drawings for PKMN Collectors' members Week#4

Man, this week I haven't been productive on the gifting side of drawing (been busy with something else XD; ), but yesterday I managed to draw stuff for Free For All Friday!

I won't be tagging the comm members I drew these for... because I don't feel like going to check the comments' chain... enjoy!

I have to draw something for Kayechuu... I've been pretty blocked these couple days (I'm anxious as hell for an interview I'm having on Tuesday x.x ), I'm sure after the interview is over my creative juices will flow again. Sorry for the delay!

Wants list

LJ - wanted
I think it's about time I make this sort of list... I don't have much funds at the moment, but it'll come in handy XD

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Pancham, Pangoro (with base)
Chespin line (with base)
XY03 release (all, with base)
Duskull, Dusclops, Dusknoir

Drawings for PKMN Collectors' members Week#3

Last week I wasn't very productive with only two drawings... so let's hope this week I'm more productive!

To start the week... a little something for noctowl! I just saw their sales banner, and while it's cute it's all pixely and stuff, and I felt bad for their post not to be at its full potential... so I took the liberty of drawing a new one for them! I hope they don't mind...

Pkmn Collectors - noctowl
If by any chance do you want a PNG of Hoothoot on its own or the picture as a 800x500px file, just tell me c:

And now something for knienke! I had this sketched since Monday and I only got around working on it XD I forgot how  much fun I have drawing fluffy things x3
Pkmn Collectors - knienke

As usual, the giftees are free to use the drawings for whatever they want x3

I'll keep updating the post for new drawings!