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Drawings for PKMN Collectors' members Week#2

Mar. 31st, 2014 | 09:10 pm
location: Spain, Barcelona

And we begin this week of drawings with a little thing for helloskitty, from whom I bought a few Kids (I hope they see my message on wanting a couple more!) c:

Pkmn Collectors - Helloskitty

And now a little something for the first comm seller I bought something from! A shiny Arbok for chromapika!
Pkmn Collectors - chromapika

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Drawings for PKMN Collectors' members Week#1

Mar. 30th, 2014 | 04:45 pm
location: Spain, Barcelona

Since I've joined the pkmncollectors community I felt my urge to draw Pokémon make a come back, because of this I ended up drawing stuff for some members (and more stuff sketched that I hope to finish by the coming week!).

So in order for my LJ not to look void like a Shedinja's back, I thought it'd be a good idea to post the drawings here uwu

This one was for areica96 , because of her awesome pickup "service" and how cute her characters are! With this drawing I realised how hard is to draw trainers styled after Sugimori's style... I don't know about the body, but I think the head is pretty spot on XD;
After messaging areica, I got really surprised when she said she'd like to use the picture for coming pickups... so you know, if you see her posting it, she's not stealing!
PKMN Collectors - Pik N' Chu

This one is for j_ule , they posted on their recent gets... a couple of adorable Helioptile Pokédolls with a lot of character into them!
Pkmn Collectors - j_ule Helioptile bros
Since they looked like stickers, I'm also posting them as separate images for if j_ule wants to use the Heliobros on something... it's up to them!
Pkmn Collectors - j_ule Helioptile bros youngerPkmn Collectors - j_ule Helioptile bros older

This one is for classypersian, who is having a rough time with one of her chickens and needed some distraction/cheering up!
Pkmn Collectors - classypersian

And this has been what I got so far, if I finish anything else by the end of today, I'll edit this post and add them!
I'll try to make this a weekly thing owo

Thanks for looking!

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Mar. 17th, 2014 | 07:52 pm
location: Spain, Barcelona
mood: happyhappy

Hello everyone!

My name is Fluna (though some call me Floons) and I'm a Pokémon plush collector (especially Pokedolls and Banpresto).

Currently my collection has 74 Pokémon plushes (all official but a few handful bootlegs (5 or so) that managed to slip under my radar Dx ).
(my Bulbasaur and Hydreigon are not in the picture... because I realised they weren't there after snapping it |D; )

Of course, I own most of the main Pokémon games titles and a few figures (it's not my focus). My favourite types are Dark and Ghost and my top five Pokémon are: Absol, Lucario, Pachirisu, Emolga, and Minccino (then Zubat, Golduck, Dedenne... and all of the Dark and Ghost types >:3 ).

I also draw and craft stuff, so I might post it here as well! (at least Pokémon related stuff).

Pleased to meet you all!

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