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Drawings for PKMN Collectors' members Week#3

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Apr. 7th, 2014 | 09:12 pm
location: Spain, Barcelona

Last week I wasn't very productive with only two drawings... so let's hope this week I'm more productive!

To start the week... a little something for noctowl! I just saw their sales banner, and while it's cute it's all pixely and stuff, and I felt bad for their post not to be at its full potential... so I took the liberty of drawing a new one for them! I hope they don't mind...

Pkmn Collectors - noctowl
If by any chance do you want a PNG of Hoothoot on its own or the picture as a 800x500px file, just tell me c:

And now something for knienke! I had this sketched since Monday and I only got around working on it XD I forgot how  much fun I have drawing fluffy things x3
Pkmn Collectors - knienke

As usual, the giftees are free to use the drawings for whatever they want x3

I'll keep updating the post for new drawings!

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